Day 1

Horse riding  tour route starts from the village of Kvemo Omalo, from Gele the route goes up  to the direction of  Dartlo, which is distinguished by its unique architecture. From Dartlo the road goes along the left bank of  Pirikita Alazani. Then is the village of  Chesho. The tower of “Tetritsikhe” looks out the village from the other side and the next where you arrive is the village Parsma. There are three big family fortresses in the village and pyramid shaped roof  tower. Overnight in the village of Chesho in the guesthouse. (19 km)

Day 2

Village Chesho - Nakaecho pass- Tsovata–Village Verkhovani - Jvarboseli (25km).

From Parsma the road goes along the Pirikita Alazani to Nakaecho pass(2900 m above the sea level). From Nakaecho pass the path drops down to village Dadikurta,  which is one of the highest settlements in Tusheti at 2350 meters above sea level. It is followed by the village Verkhovani, from where the road goes to Tsovata. On the way, there is the first destroyed village – Tsaro. In the top of  the village, there are tombs, higherat the hill - the cross of the monk trinity. From here the road follows the river of  Tsovatistskali bank, before it will goes to the Tsovata valleys and ruined villages surrounded by high mountains. The back-road passes through the village Verkhovani, where the highest tower in Tusheti is located (17 m). Then is the village Jvarboseli,  from which an amazing view of the rest on the following villages can be seen- Vedziskhevi, Koklata and Alisgori. Overnight in Jvarboseli village.

Day 3

Village Verkhovani/Alisgori–Village Dochu (7.5 km), there is a St. George camping patron church on the Khitani valley. From Khitana the road goes along the Gometsari gorge, from where Tusheti villages of both sides can be seen. Overnight in the village Dochu guesthouse.

Day 4

Village Dochu - Que - Village Omalo (12km).Village Bochorna comes after Dochu, , the highest inhabited village in Europe (2345m). The road to the village of Bochorna is slowly moving down to the direction of Que-Omalo. 




Tour type: Horse riding 

The difficult of the tour: Moderate

Distance: 64 km

Duration of the tour: 3 nights / 4 days

Accommodation: Guesthouse

The tour inclusions:



Horse guide;

Breakfast, dinner.

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